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Sree Vani Womens College  is committed to the cause of empowering women through a Logical  education that would enrich their personality and groom them into motivated, creative, analytical, culturally rich, self-sustained, humane, responsible and confident individuals.
Mere acquisition of a degree does not empower a woman. She is empowered only when she    Is trained to identify her hidden talents

  • Is an effective communicator.

  • Is trained in the art of management.

  • Is nurtured as a leader with social consciousness.

  • Is skillfully equipped to be economically independent

  • Develops a holistic personality.

The process of empowerment is said to be complete when she is trained to strike a balance between her career and family and be successful in both. Recognizing this need for total empowerment of women, and the passion for the same, the mission of the college and mission goals have been conceived.
Empowering Women through Academic Excellence
Academic excellence is the foundation on which the entire edifice of education rests.
To translate the goal of promoting academic excellence into action, the college has evolved a three-pronged approach that would motivate the staff and students by providing them the right direction and suitable support systems.
Teaching Techniques
The Teaching Techniques evolved ensures development of certain key competencies in the students while making learning a joyous experience.
Check-in, Check-out initiates dialogue
Quiz assesses conceptual understanding
Case study improves problem-solving skills
Peer teaching develops self-confidence and ability to assume responsibility        Guest Lectures integrates experience of specialists
Role-play develops role empathy
Teaching Tools
The faculty also prepare Workbooks, Manuals and Audio Visual aids to supplement these novel teaching strategies employed in classrooms.


The role of a woman is multi-dimensional; she has to be moulded to function efficiently and effectively. Academic achievement is only one phase in moulding a woman’s personality. Mere academic excellence can only make an unpolished and unfinished tool. The sharpening and usage comes only with the development of self-reliant individuals. The college offers a platform to explore, hone and exhibit her talent. It infuses in her a sense of self worth and confidence.
The strategies employed to achieve this goal are

  • Identifying and Tapping
  • the Talent     
  • Developing the potential

  • Nurturing the potential

Workshops and Seminars

Learning from others who are considered to be experts in the industry has become increasingly important. Seminars and Workshops are regularly conducted in the college to offer an opportunity for students to interact with the experts in the field. It performs an added function of updating the students on the latest breakthroughs and development in their respective fields of study. The college wholeheartedly strives to kindle the questioning spirit in students and lead them to answers, to evoke the research spirit in them and guide them to findings by conducting Seminars and Workshops regularly at Intra-mural,      Inter-Collegiate, State, and National levels.
Conduct of Seminars and workshops train the students in -

  • Presentation skills

  • Knowledge Management

  • Learning and Listening skills

  • Intellectual capability

  • Information updating

Extra-curricular Activities

For a woman, mere intellectual accomplishments would result in lopsided development. Jhankar, the cultural extravaganza which forms the highlight of the cultural activities of the College include intramural and inter-collegiate competitions which are fiercely contested, ensuring maximum participation. With the rich experience to be gained from Abhilasha and Jhankar, the college expects that the students compete confidently and emerge as winners. Extra-curricular activities provide:

  • A platform to showcase their talents and skills

  • A healthy spirit of free and fair competition

  • The attitude to be generous winners and gracious losers

  • An opportunity to develop event management skills

  • The feeling of pride in one’s cultural heritage